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‘US Horror Story’ recap, ‘Tupperware Party Massacre’

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‘US Horror Story’ recap, ‘Tupperware Party Massacre’

By having a title like “Tupperware Party Massacre” — and after the on-the-nose occasions of the other day’s “Blood shower” — you obtain one guess at what goes on this episode.

Simply whenever you thought we would hit top disgustingness. Dandy prevents because of the freak show to have their future told through Maggie. Maybe he is having problems seeing their path that is true in, having simply bludgeoned a moving Avon woman to death and sewn her mind onto their mom’s human anatomy, producing his or her own gruesome makeshift form of Bette and Dot. RIP, “Avon Lady Whose Title I Do Not Know. ” Really, each time i believe xhamsterlive review we have reached the utmost thing that is grossAHS” can perhaps display, as it happens that i am method, means incorrect. (more…)

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