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Also small PSA on bounties if you die or fail you can restart

27.02.2015 author

What to do when you are max gear score

Level 3+ control points They drop blueprints (good ones that you can’t get elsewhere) thanks to u/HSG82 (Reddit: Control Points info)

Farm exotics Two of which are pretty easily attained (chatterbox and liberty) many posts and guides on this but i will link u/ytzy because of the general list (Reddit: Exotic loot locations) both pretty easy quests to do. Check out (Link: Gosunoob Exotic guides) as well for more indepth. PSA on the Hyena chests do not try to join another instance or loot another before 24hrs currently its bugged and you will reset your cool down for this box and get no loot, I learned this the hard way.

Collect Hunter masks these also give you ivory keys (reddit: info on ivory keys ) for special chest in whitehouse. u/Asian_Child (Reddit: Hunter mask Easter eggs) and mask 11 reviews hbags and 12 u/DadRage (Reddit: Mask 11 Gosu has a guide on this (Link: gosu guide)

Replica Hermes Birkin Bounties for easy specialization points (It has been noted that Black tusk bounties are the ones that give specialization points.) and IMO the best way to earn $$$. There is snitches you can find that unlock additional bounties (Link: Gosu guide). Also small PSA on bounties if you die or fail you can restart it and it wont require additional INTEL, just return to the bounties person and click the same one again. Replica Hermes Birkin

Collectibles and Achievements For those 100%ers (Link: Hold to Rest collectible guide)

Weekly club challenges Make sure you activate (Link: Hold To Rest Activating club challenges)

Clear Missions on orange birkin replica challenge Click Here difficulty for chance of exotics. We have multiple confirmations in comments (Reddit: exotic loot) on exotics dropping.

Hermes Replica Raise your gear score You can re calibrate hbags items 450 and above by adding stats to increase gear score. Example if you have a 454 item that has a low crit chance on it and you take a max crit chance from another piece you can raise that items GS to almost 470! Hermes Replica

PVP Conflict and Maxing out DZ is just fun in general. So if you haven DZ much max that out you want to have that in the future!

Hermes Handbags SHD skill unlocks Some replica birkin bag skills will be buffed or hermes mini evelyne replica nerfed so its good rule of thumb to unlock them all. there is 4 unmarked found by u/FoehammersRvng (Reddit: Unmarked SHD tech) Hermes Handbags

Specializations You can respec points, However when you max out a specialization you will want to switch to another so you do not waste points and can have all 3 maxed out. points earned only go to the current active specialization.

Stash Space Lets be real we are all dealing with the Inventory and stash boss. A simple way to solve this is to use your two other character slots and move items from stash onto that character. The way I did it was having one character for Guns and Mods and another character for Armor. Level up those characters to increase your inventory space through perks.

SELL OR DECONSTRUCT ITEMS? IMO donate when needed for projects and my rule of thumb when being always capped on materials is to SELL guns and Deconstruct Armor/mods. Reasoning behind this is because armor and mods give you printer filament and armor gives you materials for armor crafting. Guns usually just steel so I recommend selling those.

high quality Replica Hermes MISC high quality Replica Hermes

Hermes Replica Handbags Crafting bench can be upgraded each time you move up a WT, However PSA: do your best to craft weapon attachments, magazines etc before you do this. The cost of materials to craft these items increases each time you upgrade your bench. A fully upgraded WT4 bench will allow you to craft 440 items. Hermes Replica Handbags

Clans Because making friends is what your mommy would want. But seriously if the Special Vendor, Bounties and Weekly Clan cache (5 items at a higher gear score) isn enough. Then I don know what would be, being in a clan that has an active discord makes doing missions and getting help so much easier.

If there is any misinformation or credit that needs to be added hermes blanket replica please let me know. Also anything I missed for endgame activities :)Just curious, as I am still on the fence about buying the game.

Did you start 7 days early? Or get to max gear in 4 days since release of game?

I am so undecided, I liked the foundation of Div1 on release, but was severely let down overall. I loathed the PvP in Div1 (to be fair, I don’t care for PvP in general usually), but it was extremely toxic hermes bag replica and seemingly encouraged. Div1 was decent the last 3 times I re installed it, but still didn’t hold my Mini hermes Evelyne replica attention for more than a few outings, then I would uninstall again. And I play solo often due to orange birkin replica schedule.

I am in WT2 at about 315 GS and have put about 38 hours into the game so far, so while I have played a lot I also know it is possible to be much further progression wise than I am now. But since WT5 isn out yet, I see no need to hurry.

Hermes Handbags Replica Enjoying the amazing map design and finding all the little pop culture easter eggs has been really fun. I especially like reading the plaques at the replica hermes himalayan bag various museum exhibits. Loved the game and concept but it was lacking some endgame then as raids did not come out for a long time. In Div2 I would say the single player experience is alone worth it. Sorry if I’m not fully answering my friend who plays anthem asked me this yesterday here was my Long response to that. Imgur Hermes Handbags Replica

As far as gearing I am in a clan and joined replica hermes bags vista a friend who had much higher score than myself and he gave me wholesale handbags china gear to inflate my gear score. At the point I joined him and was read for endgame I had about 27 hours in the game. I am now still going through this list of things above and close to 60 hours.

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